The Importance Of Family Bonding!

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Family Bonding The importance of family bonding, whether it be with family, friends, or any acquaintance. Bonding is so important for success and happiness at all levels.

The world is in hyper-speed, and we all need to slow down and work on our bonding, even if only for 5 minutes. From the simplest of things, like lending a helping hand, to an all out weekend adventure, and anything in between, like playing kids games, or any other kids activities.

The future of our children and everyone's happiness depends strongly on this one simple task, and yes, family bonding is that simple and very do-able. Have fun and let the kid in you out! Who knows what might come of it.


Although there are as many personalities as there are people.
There are typically 2 types of Parents and 2 types of children
that we will address here.
There are the 1)"Closed Mind" and 2)"Don't Care" Parents
There are the 1)"Misguided" and 2)"Troubled" Children
Click any link above to learn more about their traits and how to deal with each!

Whatever you need, I will try to address it here Dr. G's Advice or Articles from a higher source. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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I ask for your patience, it's been a long time since I been here, but I been so busy, I promise I have not forgotten any of you and I will be back as soon as I can, God be with all of you.


Dr. G

Welcome: I am Dr. G, I may not be a PHD graduate (Piled Higher and Deeper, hehe), just kidding, but I have personal experiences, observations and knowledge, that may help you and your family.

I will be addressing a variety of topics here, and I know you may have heard it all before, but sometimes people just need a little reminder of who and what are important.

I strongly believe that Family Bonding is the first and most important step in a happy and successful life. If you need more help, check out the self help books @ Family ABC Books.

If you still need more help, you can check out Find A Therapist! for the nearest therapist in your area, also for a wide variety of topics.

So Come on in and enjoy. May your bonds be strong and last a lifetime. Laughter is the best medicine, so share a smile!

P.S. There is no price we can put on our children's lives, please check out Amber Alert by clicking on their banner above!

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